Thinking about underfloor heating
for your self build project?

Underfloor heating 100mm installation

Underfloor heating is now one of the most popular ways of heating a home, both for those who are doing a self build underfloor heating project, as well as with people extending and renovating their houses. Not only is this an efficient and really effective heating method, but it also adds a sense of luxury to your home. Nothing beats that warm underfoot feeling it gives when you kick off your shoes.

Unlike radiators, which work by heating the air around them through convection, underfloor heating (UFH) uses both convection and radiant heat to warm a space. This combination of heating methods results in a consistent temperature throughout the room, no more cold spots. This can then improved further by the addition of a good underfloor heating thermostat and and well-planned zones.

While the best time to carry out underfloor heating installation is undoubtedly during a self build or when building a new extension, there is no need to rule it out if you were hoping to switch from wall radiators to an underfloor heating system — although it is a little disruptive, it can still be done. 

Easily fits in to your already tight building schedule 

Efficiently works with renewable heat sources

Great savings on your expensive energy bills

Installing an underfloor heating system as part of a new build project is by far a more simple and effective way than retrofitting during a renovation project. This is due to the underfloor heating system being installed during the building process so need to worry about ripping up floor coverings or dealing with un-level floors. With the underfloor heating pipes being installed within the concrete slab on top of your ground insulation, it would be silly not to install the underfloor heating pipes whilst your building project already has to go through this process. Making this the cheapest option for installing underfloor heating in your home, as your material and labour costs are a lot lower.

Self build underfloor heating projects can seem quite daunting, when in reality in can be a very simple and stress free process. The most common mistake is leaving it until its too late and having to pay considerably more for a retrofitted system.

Underfloor heating 100mm installation
Underfloor heating 100mm installation